waluigi, and wario

these guys are mortal enemies to mario, and luigi! bowser has joined these two together to make an villan duo. but they fail to stop the mario bro’s misson. some funny guys, trying to stop the most powerful guys in the mushroom kingdom! always good to wach them. thast the blog for today.

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 you know about luigi. we all love him. luigi is like a “you did a good job, now you can play as me!” kind of guy. dont you just love playing as him! luigi being mario’s bro, makes him cool. luigi can jump higher than mario, he can jump farther too, and is taller than mario! he’s a pretty cool guy. luigi is much diffrent than mario, thats what makes him cool. stay tuned for tomorows blog, about waluigi!

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mario imfo

so peeps, lets look at some mario imfo. from the 1900’s mario has been a great player for us! from the 8 bit snes to the nintendo wii! i hope you check out my blog, i will post one everyday!

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hey guys

this is a blog for mario lovers, fans, etc! look at this blog for some mario imfo

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Hello world!

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